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We FPD Solutions Ltd. (FPDS) aim for a fairer and opener global society through contributing to plant engineering business.
For a global energy project, the investment amount may reach tens of billions of dollars. In order to maximize the return on investment, stake holders at all levels are always expected to provide optimized solutions by seeking for the best engineering resources and products across borders. In this respect, we can say modern energy projects are “intrinsically” global, and the outcome of the projects will certainly enrich the socio-economic environment globally. Meantime, in the globalized modern society, it is getting more and more visible that the economical, social and information capital that people can access is largely biased by the place and environment where they live. Disparity is sometimes worsen or reproduced, furthermore we are witnessing new movements that may cause further division of people in some areas. We believe that awareness to importance of fairness and solidarity toward overcoming disparity and division is one of most valuable ethics that people involved in global projects should establish.


We provide optimized solutions in all possible plant engineering processes to achieve “Flawless Project Delivery”. For us, “Flawless Project Delivery” does not simply mean elimination of errors in design, quality, cost, and time management, but also means that we surely choose fairer and opener approaches in light of our company philosophy.


Fairness Focused Ethics

Our activities are based on our value, “FPDS DiRECT"

Difference :Cultural differences are of utmost importance to us

Responsibility :We are responsible for all stake holders involved.

Ecology :We strive to reduce environmental loads.

Compliance :We prioritize legal compliances.

Teamwork :Teamwork is important for us and we proactively involve ourselves for issue resolutions.

Project Oriented Approaches

We are the facilitator to assist Japanese engineering companies to easily access our excellent partner companies located across more than 10 countries globally.
With strong and professional supports from partner companies, we can take a lead of communication between the both sides, such as leading technical bid evaluation so that the engineers –from instrumentation or from piping engineering divistion- at our customers can smoothly choose the best optimized approaches for the success of the project.

Dynamic & Flexible Solutions

We are striving for provision of more dynamic and flexible solutions in plant engineering, by freeing ourselves from stereotype of “how the agents or distributors of industrial valves should be/do”.
Based on the knowledge and know-how of our staffs who have experienced global projects through supply of instrumentation valves and piping valves, we are working with an overseas engineering sub contract and a skid fabricator who has process licenses in oil & gas applications. By expanding areas of activities, we are aiming to provide not only delivery of instrumentation and piping products, but also more comprehensive solutions that can support process design to skid production.


Company Name FPD Solutions Ltd
Representative Akira Shiraishi, Managing Director
Incorporated 1st March 2016
Purpose of Business Promotion, purchase and resell of equipments for industrial plants.
Provision of services for human resources involved in plant engineering.
Planning, implementation, and publishing market research analysis for equipments of industrial plants.
Paid Capital 5 Million Yen
Banks Saitama Resona Bank,  Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Musashino Bank
Address 7th Floor, Omiya Marui, 2-3 Sakuragi-Cho, Omiya-Ku, Saitama 330-9501 JAPAN