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Valve Products

  • Severe Service Control Valves [Globe, Angle, Butterfly] (Cryogenic, Large size, High pressure[API 10K], Compressor Anti Surge Control Valves)
    Pressure Reducing & Desuperheater System (PRDS)/Turbine Bypass Valves(650℃)
    Valves for Liquefied Hydrogen(-253℃)
    Triple Offset Butterfly Valves (Cryogenic, ESD, Suction Throttle)
    Ball Valves (Cryogenic, Large Size, High pressure, ESD, Hot Gas Bypass)
    Check Valves [Dual Plate, Axial] (Cryogenic, Large size, High pressure)
    Plug Valves [sleeve type, non-lubricated]
    Lining Valves (high corrosive fluid)
    Dual Expansion Plug Valves (double isolation ,double block & Bleed)
    Rising Stem Ball Valves (Molecular sieve, Slurry contained fluid)
    Safety Relief Valves [spring, pilot] (Urea, cryogenic, high pressure[API10K])
    Changeover Valves
    Control Valves for High Pressure Urea
    Sampling System
    Quick Closing Non Return Valves
    Pressure Seal Gate Valves

Engineering Services

In collaboration with HBIC, the engineering company based in the Philippines, we provide sub contracted engineering work and dispatch of experienced engineers to our customers.

Research & Consultation

On requests from customers and manufacturers, we provide market research services for engineered products, human resources, and investment to the manufacturers.